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Under eye bags - options to treat them

The eyes are often the first thing we notice when we look at someone. If they have bags under the eyes, this can make them look tired or older.

There are several reasons for having bags under the eyes:

1. Lack of sleep

2. Inadequate hydration

3. Ageing and the degradation of the fat pads migrating downward causing the skin to hit the cheek bones and produce a darkening effect

4. Natural colour of skin which may be hereditary

Management will depend on the reason for the bags under the eyes. If its lack of sleep or hydration then addressing these lifestyle factors may be beneficial. Drinking plenty of fluid is important for skin as well as getting enough rest.

If its due to ageing then there are two main options using dermal filler. Either replacing the cheek area with dermal filler may help, or directly placing filler in the under eye area. The reason placing filler in the cheek area helps is because the fat pads that give the cheeks structure can migrate downwards during ageing. This can cause hollowness around the eyes. Therefore giving the cheeks their structure back can help reduce the tired look. Alternatively, dermal filler can be place directly under the eye where it helps the skin come off the bone and reduce the dark circle apppearance.

Natural dark colour of the eye area is harder to treat and certain lightening creams can be useful but results are not guaranteed. Intravenous nutrition like glutathione and vitamin C also have a skin lightening effect but are not specific for the under eye area and results are variable depending on skin tone.

The eye area is different to the rest of the face. The skin under the eye is much thinner and therefore requires special attention when it comes to skin care. For example, you cannot place retinol too close to the eye as it will likely damage the skin. It is best to use a lower percentage retinol that is specifically designed for the under eye area.

Similarly with anti-ageing products it is best to use a cream that is specifically designed for under eyes to reduce fine lines. Regular face products may contain too high concentrations to get too close to the eye or may irritate the under eye area. Furthermore, for dark circles and puffiness, the specific ingredients required will not be present in face care products and can only be found in certain eye creams.

If you'd like to discuss the bags under your eyes, send me a message via email, text or instagram to arrange a consultation.

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